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Takagi 10-2440 9 1/2" Double Blade Finecut Saw

Takagi 10-2440 9 1/2-inch Double Blade Finecut Saw
Price: $23.10
Product ID : 39310-2440
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Takagi Pull Saws



Takagi 10-2440 9 1/2" Double Blade Finecut Saw

The FineCut Double Saw has 17-tpi crosscut teeth to work across wood grain and 9-tpirip teeth to cut with the grain. Its unique traditional Japanese design features a very flex-ible blade that cuts exceptionally straight. The precision ground blade ensures super accurate cutting, and because it’s so thin, very little material is wasted. Many profes-sionals use this tool as a jamb saw to cut door molding and casing coverings and for other cuts where precision outweighs speed. It’s great for trimming a thin strip from the bottom of a door to accommodate thick carpeting—without removing the door from its hinges. The FineCut Double Saw is ideal for finish carpenters, flooring professionals, and serious, skilled woodworkers. Its long straight handle allows overhead cuts and because it’s a PULLSA W, cutting is easy. It easily cuts large pieces of foam board, ply-wood, and particle board and slices through melamine without chipping.

Recommended For: All sizes of plywood, particle board, foam board, melamine,molding, wood siding, staircase construction, accurate cuts at all angles.


  • Pull-To-Cut: The SharkSaw blade cuts when drawn toward you. This results in a more natural, smoother, straighter, and less fatiguing sawing operation—due in part to SharkSaw’s thinner blade.
  • Raker Tooth: This special tooth cleans the sawdust out of the kerf as the blade is pushed forward.
  • Diamond-Ground: SharkSaw blades are precision diamond-ground to sharpen each tooth on three sides.The resulting blades are extremely sharp.
  • Impulse Hardening: SharkSaw’s teeth are electrically hardened to improve longevity. In fact, they hold their edge two to three times longer than conventional blades.
  • Soft & Comfortable Handle: Industrial strength handle features rubber-like elas- tomer double-injection, non-slip grips, for long-lasting comfort.
  • Replaceable Blade: Twist-lock design allows for fast, easy replacement of worn blades

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