Hand Tools

Whether you’re an experienced craftsman or starting your first project you're going to need some hand tools. Yes, you will also want power tools (and we have those, too) but for many tasks nothing will do except a tool that you can hold in your hand. After all, nothing can replace the “touch” and precision of a hand saw or screwdriver or even pliers. When you need to feel the material through your tool you need a hand tool. 

Like so many other tools having the right tool for the task at hand is important. How many times have you seen an amateur try to hammer a nail with the side of a tape measure? It’s true, I’ve actually seen a friend try this. Kind of ruined his tape measure.

Even something as simple as pliers need to be selected carefully. Sure our combination plier is great for a variety of tasks like wire stripping and needle nose functions. But, you wouldn’t want to use them when the job requires a strong, secure grip that’s when you need the tongue & groove style with hardened jaws to make sure the grip is sturdy enough to get the job done.

Perhaps you are an avid woodworker and you are more inclined to use your power saws. Makes sense, lots of sense. Even so, there are times when you need a general carpentry saw or a finecut saw. You’ll be happy you have the finecut when you need to cut dovetails or straight or angle cuts in molding.  

Not that a woodworker will often need a pair of tin snips but when you do nothing else works as easy as a quality pair. We’ve got bulldog and left, right or straight aviation snips. This is a prefect example of having the correct hand tool. Won’t do to have left cut when you need a right handed, right?

There are lots of other hand tools that you may need, doweling jigs, utility knives and squares? How about a digital angle finder – who can do without that? 

If you’re working a challenging project or you’re just learning about different hand tools, another way to make sure you get the best hand tool for the job is to let our experts help you out. Simply use the link in the questions box on the right, Bill will get back to you and help you make an informed choice. Or, if you prefer, call us toll-free at 866-439-8054.

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Select up to 4 items to compare.