Pocket Hole Tools

Why You Want a Pocket Hole Tool

Whether you are working on a specific project or honing your joinery skills, a pocket hole jig is a great place to start. Unlike other joinery techniques, pocket holes (holes drilled at an angle) can create stronger joints. That’s because the angle of the connection allows for the screw to bite into the face grain rather than the end grain. This makes for a much stronger connection.

Alex at “Ask Old Town Home” has hands-on experience with pocket hole tools:

I picked up a Kreg pocket hole set and began pocket holing everything. I was a pocket hole master. The jig, drill bit, and screws is an absolutely great tool, and one that almost any DIYer should include in their toolbox, hands down!

Which Pocket Hole Jig?

What is the best pocket hole tool for your project? That depends on the type of woodworking project you have. There are a number of different brands and types available and Circle Saw has a wide selection. Kreg pocket hole jigs are very popular. 

On the opposite end of the scale are the pocket hole machines. These machines are powerful and filled with all the features a professional or dedicated amateur could want. These machines have features just like a professional pocket hole machine but with better portability and versatility. Not to mention a much more agreeable price point!

You might choose a mini pocket hole jig, such as the Kreg MKJ-Kit Mini Jig. The mini jig kit is perfect when a very small jig is required. This compact jig has a simple, compact design that makes it a favorite for a lot of woodworkers.

In between these 2 extremes there are a variety of options available. For example, the K4MS Pocket Hole System are designed for the serious craftsman. These jigs have a stationary drill guide. The K4MS system includes accessories that you may find handy, including a face clamp, portable base, a material support stop and a dust collection shroud.

What About the Screws?

For this type of joinery project, you are going to need screws. In fact, you are going to need specific pocket hole screws. In his “Beginners Guide to Pocket Hole Joinery” video, Steve Ramsey explains how a pocket hole screw is a bit like screw with a built-in washer.

Fortunately, the screw manufacturers have kindly added a chart on the package which shows you which length you will need for your project. You will want to pay attention to the thread of the screw, they come in fine or course. It is typical to use fine thread with the harder woods like oak and maple while using the coarse for most other lumber and plywood.

Need Help? We have experts. 

If you are new to pocket hole joinery you may want some advice on what type of pocket hole jig is best for you. Circle Saw team members are available to answer your questions Monday – Friday from 6:30am – 5:30pm CST. Just give us a call at 866.439.8054 or stop by our Houston show room located at 2510 Ella Blvd.

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