Bandsaw Blades

Band Saw Blades at Circle Saw

When you need bandsaw blades, Circle Saw is the place to go. We have hundreds of different blades in sizes from 59” to 160”.What that means is that no matter what kind of project you are building or material you are using, we’ve got the best band saw blade. In addition, we cancustom make blades to any length you need.

Not sure what kind of band saw blade to use? On the next few pages, you’ll find blades that are made to cut wood and some that are made for steel. But that is just the starting point. To be sure you have the exact right blade there are several factors to consider.

TPI (teeth per inch) and Pitch:

You’re looking for new blades so you probably have already learned something about how the pitch of the bandsaw blade is measured by the number of teeth per inch. The point to remember is that the lower the pitch the faster the cut, which results in a rougher cut. Just like with every other tool in your toolbox, be sure to get the TPI that works best for the project you are working on. Re-sawing you want as few teeth as you can get

So, what is your project? Are you ripping lumber for a bench or table? Do you need to make a lot of curved cuts? That’s one of the best things about a band saw – it can handle all kinds of cuts.

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Select up to 4 items to compare.