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Looking for the perfect jigsaw blade? We've got it. Need a specific type of blade? We've got a huge variety of blades to fit your jigsaw and expert assistance to help you find exactly what you need. At CircleSaw.com you'll find everything from single specialty blades to complete sets of contractor blades. With the contractor sets you even get a storage pouch.

Don't settle for just any jigsaw blade. The success of your project depends on using the right tool for the job. There are a lot of different types of blades that will fit your jigsaw so make sure you get the right blade for your project. Remember, every jigsaw blade does not work for every job.

No project can be done right unless you have the right type of blade, that means choosing the blade that was specifically designed for the material you are working on. For example, if you're working in wood then you need a jigsaw blade for wood and if you're working on metal then you need a metal blade. There are even jigsaw blades that are designed to work on plastic. Tooth count is equally important; you wouldn’t use a 24 tooth for ¼” angle iron or a 8 tooth for 28 gauge steel. In addition the right blade puts less stain on your jigsaw giving you longer life and shortened cutting time.

Once you figure out which kind of blade you need then you have to find that blade. The type of blade is obviously important but so is the brand. Let's face it, everyone has their favorite. No worries, we carry all the best including Bosch, Festool, and Makita jigsaw blades. These are just a few of the brands and types of blades that you'll find at Circle Saw.

We offer more than just jigsaw blades, though; we also offer expert advice from guys who have years of experience in the industry. On each website page you'll find our "Still Have Questions" section. Use this section to ask our resident expert, Bill, any question you need answered.

If you want a great jigsaw blade at a fair price with the bonus of our expert advice, then Circle Saw is your one-stop shop for all the saw blades you need.

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87 Products

87 Products

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