Powermatic Tools

Powermatic Woodworking Tools

When you are looking for woodworking equipment to outfit your shop you want to get your tools from a company that has provided top quality tools – for decades. You want Powermatic tools. 

Since 1921 Powermatic has delivered top quality tools. It’s no wonder they are considered the Gold Standard in woodworking equipment, from the first planer, all the way to the latest Powermatic Tailstock Swing Away, the design excellence of a Powermatic tool is never in question.

From 1966 through 2014 Powermatic underwent several ownership changes. First, the family sold the company to Houdaille Industries. Subsequently the brand was sold to DeVlieg-Bullard, WMH and Tenex Group. The WMH acquisition was especially auspicious as it brought together Powermatic, Jet and Performax. In 2014 these three sister brands were grouped together to form JPW Industries, Inc., which is how they are known today.

Throughout these organizational changes the tools designed and manufactured under the Powermatic brand continued to grow in popularity, reputation and quantity. It is a testament to the quality of Powermatic tools that throughout these years they continued to improve the ability of craftsmen and early adopters to create beautiful wood projects.

For 96 years, the variety of tools that Powermatic offers has expanded substantially. Of course, they still produce some of the best planers in the market but today they also produce a wide variety of tools that makes your shop cleaner and your projects safer. 

The more than 200 Powermatic tools available today fall into 17 different categories including: air filtration, bandsaws, CNC routers, dovetail machines, drill press, dust collectors, jointers, lathes, mortises, panel saws, planers, power feeders, rip saw, sanders, shapers, table saws and, of course, all the accessories you need. 

What this means for woodworkers is that you can depend on the quality and variety of Powermatic. At CircleSaw we are pleased to be able to offer you Powermatic products. And, as always, if you need any assistance or have any questions please stop by our Houston location of give us a call at 866.439.8054. 

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