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If you’ve got a workshop then you’ve got clamps. Many woodworking projects simply can’t be completed without them. But, deciding which clamp you need for which project can be a challenge. As always its important to get the right tool for the job. Even if you only need an extra pair of hands it’s best to be sure they are the right hands.

Before you start shopping for a clamp make sure you know exactly how you will use it. It might be obvious but if you don’t know how big your project pieces are then you won’t know which size of clamp you’re going to need. If you’re going to glue 3 layers of different types of wood, then you need to know how large each layer is. If you don’t know what the total thickness is you won’t know what size “throat” you need. 

Side note: Just to review, the “throat” is the distance between the tip of the jaw to the edge of the bar.

Before you make a final decision on the size and type of clamp you need you must also consider the type and shape of the material, whether you’re working with wood or metal and whether the material is round or rectangular. The variety of materials available today requires a solution designed for that specific material. 

You’ll also want to consider how much holding power the job requires? If you’re gluing together some small pieces of wood, you may simply need a spring clamp. But, if you are building a large cabinet you will need several standard bar or perhaps pipe clamps.  

If you’re planning to purchase a variety of clamps so that your workshop is fully stocked a good way to organize your needs is to think about how you use clamps. There are 4 categories of projects to consider: repairs, new construction and assembly, metalworking, and temporary holds of templates and jigs on woodworking projects.

Whatever your project and no matter the size and type of materials you are using, CircleSaw has clamps; C-clamps, bar clamps, spring clamps, pipe clamps and even hand-screw clamp. If you’re not sure what kind or size you need simply use the link in the questions box on the right; Bill will get back to you to help you make an informed choice. Or, if you prefer, call us toll-free at 866-439-8054.



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