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Boeshield T904DP T-9 Small Combo Pack Blade and Bit Resin Cleaner , Rust Free Cleaner
4 oz T-9 Aerosol Spray

4 oz Rust Free Pump Spray
4 oz Blade and Bit Resin and Gum Remover in a  pump spray

Blade and Bit Resin and Gum Cleaner
Fast, safe and easy to use, Blade & Bit™ works hard to remove resin, gum and pitch as it cleans saw blades, router bits, drill bits, knives, planer blades, tool tops and all cutting tools. The biodegradable formula is perfect for regular maintenance.

Directions. Apply Blade & Bit™, thoroughly wetting surface. Allow it to penetrate for 30 to 60 seconds, then wipe dry. For stubborn areas a brass bristle brush can be used. If the surface is rusty, use RustFree™ after Blade & Bit™, then protect it with Boeshield T-9®.

Rust Free
Use RustFree™ to quickly remove rust, corrosion and stains from virtually any surface, including: steel, cast iron, stainless, fiberglass, chrome, tile, porcelain, vinyl, cloth and more. Use Boeshield T-9® after cleaning with RustFree™ to protect bare metal surfaces.

Directions. For light rust on steel or cast iron, spray RustFree™ on a rag and wipe surface. Do not spray directly on surface, as it may cause spotting. For heavy rust, spray directly on rusted surface and scrub with Scotch-Brite™ pad. Wipe off and repeat if necessary. RustFree™ works best above 70° F.
CAUTION! RustFree™ is acidic and should be used with care.
Test on hidden area before use.
Can cause spotting on cast iron and steel.
Rinse off painted surfaces thoroughly and neutralize with soap and water.
Do not use on guns or black oxide tools.
Can dull paint and plastics.
Not for spot cleaning of table tops.
Do not use on polished cast iron surfaces.
T-9 The Answer 
When the Boeing Company needed a better corrosion protectant and waterproof lubricant, they developed Boeshield T-9®.
Forty years ago, the world’s largest aerospace builder—The Boeing Company—needed access to a more reliable metal protectant/lubricant that could withstand long exposure to a corrosive environment.
Their research revealed that Teflon, silicone and synthetic sprays were all inadequate for the task, so they developed a better product of their own. The result was Boeshield T-9®, the only product of its type to be licensed by The Boeing Company.

For rust prevention and total tool care, use Boeshield T-9®, Rust Free™ and Blade & Bit™ on your shop tools and woodworking equipment.
Whether your bench power tools are well-worn from daily use or spend most of their time in storage, you understand the importance of caring for them properly to keep them in top working order. Nothing helps you do that more effectively than Boeshield T-9®—the only product you need to clean, lubricate and protect metal tools of all kinds, even those stored in a damp basement or unheated shed.
Use T-9 to protect against rust and corrosion, with no need to dismantle your equipment. T-9 stays liquid long enough to reach deep into the smallest areas of power tool table tops, permeating metal pores, displacing moisture, then drying to a thin, waterproof film that protects for months. The unique formula of solvents and waxes contains no silicone or Teflon, so T-9 will not pick up on wood surfaces or interfere with subsequent finishing.

On woodworking tool surfaces Boeshield T-9® topped all other surface treatments, in Wood Magazine’s article on Rust Busters. According to them: “Except for the section treated with Boeshield T-9® all sections have completely rusted over…There is only one choice for protectant as far as we’re concerned: Boeshield T-9®.” And Chris Baylor, Woodworking Expert for says, “To say I am impressed with Boeshield T-9® would be an understatement.”

Use Boeshield T-9®, Rust Free™ and Blade & Bit™ on saw blades, drill bits and routers, to clean, lubricate and protect.Boeshield T-9®, Rust Free™ and Blade & Bit™ protect hand tools, power tools and table saws from rust and corrosion.
Use T-9 on:
Saw Table Tops
Planer Joiners
Radial Arm Saws
Drill Presses
Saw Blades
Drill Bits
Hand Tools
Protect working machinery. Spray T-9 on and wipe off. Repeat approximately once per week.

Protect in storage or severe environments. Spray T-9 on and allow to dry. Repeat every 6 to 12 months. Re-spray and wipe off when ready for use.

True aerospace technology. T-9 was developed and licensed by global aerospace leader, The Boeing Company, to fill a need for high-performance, long-term metal protection and lubrication. T-9’s unique formulation of solvent carrier and paraffin wax coating was engineered to penetrate crevices deeply, displace moisture, dissolve minor corrosion, and leave a clean, waxy coating with lasting durability—without using Teflon, silicone, fluorocarbons, MEK, or acetone.

Reaches deeper. T-9 stays liquid long enough to permeate metal pores and seep deep inside the smallest areas to leave a durable protective coating—all without dismantling your equipment.

Perfect for coastal areas. T-9 is particularly effective for use in protecting all metals in salt water coastal areas.

Our guarantee. Based on more than 30 years of evidence, we know that Boeshield T-9® is the best product of its type on the market. But if you can find a penetrating lubricant/protectant that is better than T-9, let us know. We’ll refund your purchase price.
Boeshield T904DP T-9 Small Combo Pack Blade and Bit Resin Cleaner , Rust Free Cleaner

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