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Festool 584084 Dust Extractor CT 48 Hepa

Festool 584084 Dust Extractor CT 48 Hepa

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  • Festool 584084 Dust Extractor CT 48 Hepa
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Product ID : 588584084
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Manufacturer: Festool



Festool 584084 CT 48 HEPA Dust Extractor

Dust control is an integral part of the Festool system and design philosophy. That is why the CT 48 is equipped with tool-triggered auto start functionality so that when you plug your tool into the supplied outlet socket, the vacuum cycles with the tool. This represents greater efficiency in dust extraction, noise reduction, and with less energy consumption versus a constant-on unit. Variable suction force allows you to regulate the suction based on your tasks. A small detail sander may not require the full 137 CFM of this unit, but a router may require it.

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Features & Benefits

  • HEPA Filters - HEPA filters are standard and remove 99.99% of particulate to 0.3 micron. In fabrication, dust happens. It's very small, floats everywhere, lands on everything in sight, and gets inside your tools. Due to its minute size, wood dust particles can be particularly troublesome to remove from an environment once airborne. The fine dust that is ejected into the air can make you sneeze, cough, and experience other allergy-like symptoms. Experts agree that limiting your exposure is the best protection.
  • Automatic Tool Start & Stop - Smooth start, infinitely adjustable electronic air flow control and tool triggered or manual on-off switch ensures convenient and efficient dust control.
  • Convenient Carry Handle - An ergonomic handle is positioned 7-9 inches in from the body, which is the most natural position for lifting. The supplied antistatic hose stores neatly into the integrated hose garage, a standard feature on all current dust extractor models. The hose garage also protects your hose from inadvertent damage during transit. A dust extractor that is designed properly will offer convenient storage solutions for keeping the hoses and accessories well organized and readily available. On-board cradles, handles, and the ability to use the flat top as a temporary shelf to support tools are nice features that you should consider.
  • SYS-Dock - Festool's ingenious Sys-Dock feature turns your dust extractor into a mobile cart for your tools and accessories. Festool Systainers, the carrying cases which are standard with nearly every Festool power tool, latch to the top of our dust extractors allowing you to move tools together, reducing steps when setting up your jobsite. The Sys-Dock is also flat, serving as a convenient place to rest your tool or materials while you work.
  • Anti-Static Hose - As with all CT dust extractors, the 1 1/16” x 11.5’ (27mm x 3.5m) antistatic hose comes standard.
  • Automatic Water Level Sensor - Having the ability to vacuum wet spills is important. An integrated water level detector and auto shut-off minimize problems with overfilling your vacuum with too much liquid. The motor housing is sealed, and the lid has a gasket to keep water where it belongs. A complete range of optional Festool cleaning sets complement both wet and dry operations.
  • Cord Storage - Everything needs its own storage space. The cord can be wound on the dedicated cord wrap to prevent it from getting in the way during transportation.
  • Large Wheels - Festool dust extractors are designed with a low center of gravity to prevent inadvertent tipping. Many other manufacturers' units are not designed in this way and tipping could result in costly damage to the vacuum or to your client's floors. An easy-to-use, conveniently located parking brake offers peace of mind to prevent your Festool dust extractor from rolling down stairs or moving during transport in your vehicle. Festool CT dust extractors feature larger-than-average wheels, making it easy to maneuver over bumpy terrain with ease. The wheels are coated in a rubber-like, non-marring material to protect your clients' floors from damage and abrasion.
  • Self-Cleaning Filter Bag - The new Cleantex CT 26 and CT 36 models feature a self-cleaning filter bag that solves a problem that plagues other dust extractors and vacuums. During normal use, fine particles of dust cling to the inner lining of the filter bag resulting in caking. This coating of dust lowers the effective suction power dramatically resulting in poor extraction efficiency and performance. Caking can also cause additional strain on your dust extractor's motor and contribute to premature failure.
Item No. 584084
Model No. CT 48
Container Capacity 12.7 gal.
Dimensions 28.1" x 15.4" x 27.0"
Filter Bag Capacity 12.2 gal.
Filter Type HEPA
Max. Suction Force 137 CFM
Noise Level 62 - 71 dB(A)
Power Consumption 350-1200 watts/2.9-10.0 amps
Static Water Lift 96"
Weight 35.9 lbs.


  • 27mm Antistatic Hose
  • Cord Wrap
  • Hose Garage
  • Self-Cleaning Filter Bag

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