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The Many Uses of a Wood Router

Many woodworkers and carpenters agree that the wood router is the second most used tool in their toolbox. Why? Well, because it can do so many things. They can cut mortises and tennons, create raised panel doors and set the perfect edge profile. They are often used for carving and joinery. Wood routers and trimmers are the tools that add the details that transform your wood project from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Focus on function:

Whether you are buying your first or your one hundred and first router, there are several factors to consider, first and foremost is to really think about what you want this router to do. If you’re new to routers it is way too easy to get caught up in all the sizes, prices and features – it is especially easy to get caught up in all the different router bits available. Before you go down that rabbit hole, though, stay focused on function.

Fixed or plunge:

Are you trying to decide between a fixed-base and plunge router? Once again think about function. Typically, a plunge router is best for routing flutes, dados and mortises. For routing that requires more precise depth control then a fixed base may be a better choice. Of course you can always choose a combination pack with consists of a motor that can switch between fixed base and plunge. 

Router tables:

You may be wondering if you need to invest in a router table. That’s a question with a lot of differing opinions. There may come a point in your work that you are working with larger bits. In this instance a router table can provide a measure of safety that you can’t achieve with a hand-held router. For some woodworkers, the router table is a necessity. Once again, think about how you will use your router and then decide if you need the table. Most times it is a very useful investment.  Keep In mind there are some operations that can only be done on a router table.

Go Questions?

If you have more questions or would like some advice on the best router we’re here to help. Whatever question you have just enter it in the questions box on the right and Bill, the tool guy, will get back to you. If you want to chat during business hours you can call 866-439-8054 and ask for Bill or Alan.

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