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Laser Tools: Bosch. Stabila. Levels. Measurers.

Whether you are a professional contractor or a dedicated DIYer, investing in laser tools is a smart move. It’s a smart move because no matter the type of tool you choose, laser technology delivers better, faster more efficient tools.

Laser Tape Measure

One of the most common laser tools is the laser tape measure. Also called a laser distance measurer, a good quality laser measurer is a significant improvement over the usual tape measure because it generates an extremely accurate measurement, instantly. It also is capable of measuring length, area, volume as well as indirect measurements. Need A measurement of a 3 story building from the ground, it can do that, too.

When selecting the right tool for you be sure to look at the measuring range, memory, display, accuracy and battery life. The more memory the tool has the better it is for handling complex jobs. Also, make sure you get a tool that displays the units of measure that you want; and, make sure that it has the functions you need for all of your projects. Tools that have Bluetooth technology included can send measurements directly to many computer programs. This not only saves time but it also eliminates the possibility of making errors when transcribing measurements into a program.

Rotary Laser Level

If you have outdoor projects, then you want a rotary laser level. That’s because they have the power that you need to handle that kind of an environment. Much like a laser tape measure, there are several factors to consider when selecting the best laser level:

Accuracy as measured over distances in feet;
Self-leveling or capable of projecting the slope line in degrees;
Range which can be measured in feet or meters;
Rotation speed;
Battery life measured in hours, think of how many hours of work you will need it for;

Line Laser Level

If you’re considering which laser level to buy you may want to look at a cross line laser level. That’s because they can be used on lots more applications that your standard dot laser. Or, you might prefer a multi-line laser. Either way, be sure to evaluate your choices using the same criteria as listed above for the rotary laser level.

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