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SuperMax 60-19-036 36 Grit SuperMax 19-38" 3-Wraps in Box

Supermax Drum Sanders 60-19-036 36 Grit SuperMax 19-38-inch 3-Wraps in Box
Price: $29.99
Product ID : 33160-19-036
Weight: 5.00 lbs
Manufacturer: Supermax Drum Sanders



SuperMax 60-19-036 36 Grit SuperMax 19-38" 3-Wraps in Box


  • X Weight cloth backing --less tearing than a paper or lightweight cloth paper backing that many are selling
  • Factory tapered to fix the Supermax, Performax and Jet Drum Sanders
  • Best abrasive going for the money
  • Single piece sandpaper-- no splices
  • Open coat aluminumn oxide abrasives for less clogging in wood

Sanding Tips

  • Select the proper grit for the type of sanding being performed. Depending on the amount of material to be removed, start with 36 to 80 grit and progressively work through the finer grits
  • 36 Grit is the most coarse, and will remove the most material. Use it for abrasive planing, cleaning up glued panels, or flattening stock.
  • 80 Grit is ideal for cleaning up planer marks.
  • 120 Grit and above are primarily finishing grits, and are designed to remove the scratch pattern from the previous grit.
  • Never skip more than one grit grade, and for fine work like furniture and cabinets don't skip any grits.

Stock Feed Angle
Angling the workpiece provides many advantages, including less abrasive loading due to glue lines or mineral streaks, more even wear, and reduced motor load. Even a slight feed angle will provide more effective stock removal. To get the best final finish, of course, the stock should be sanded in line with the grain on the last couple of passes.

Quick Tips

  • Keep the abrasive clean
  • Don't try to remove too much material in one pass
  • Start with the coarsest possible grit for the job
  • Don't skip more than one grit grade
  • Use compressed air to blow dust out of the center of the drum
  • Remove slack in the abrasive by adjusting the take-up fastener after the first pass


Supermax Drum Sanders 60-19-036 36 Grit SuperMax 19-38" 3-Wraps in Box

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