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General Tools 840 Revolving Turret Doweling

General Tools 840 Revolving Turret Doweling
Price: $34.50
Product ID : 257840
Weight: 4.00 lbs
Manufacturer: General Tools



General Tools 840 Revolving Turret Doweling

The Pro Doweling Kit is a simple tool for making fast, accurate dowel holes in furniture and other carpentry projects. Just slide the jig over the wood surface and use the revolving turret to drill precise dowel holes. The Jig accepts 6" bit sizes and will fit boards up to 4" thick. In addition, this professional kit includes three brad point drill bits, as well as dowel pins and centers, drill stops, a hex wrench and carpenters glue.


  • Package
    • Dimensions: H: 9.6" W: 4.8" D: 2.9"
    • Cube: 0.0773
    • Weight: 36.4oz Weight: 2.27lbs
  • Shelf Pack
    • Dimensions: H: 10" W: 5.2" D: 3"
    • Cube: 0.0902
    • Weight: 45.4oz Weight: 2.83lbs
  • Master Pack
    • Dimensions: H: 15.5" W: 10" D: 10.25"
    • Cube: 0.9194
    • Weight: 450oz Weight: 28.12lbs
  • Metric Package
    • Dimensions: H: 0.24384mm W: 0.12192mm D: 0.07366mm
    • Cube: 0.00196342
    • Weight: 1031.92264175gr Weight: 16.510762268Kg
  • Shelf Pack
    • Dimensions: H: 0.254mm W: 0.13208mm D: 0.0762mm
    • Cube: 0.00229108
    • Weight: 1287.068349875gr Weight: 1.287068349875Kg
  • Master Pack
    • Dimensions: H: 0.3937mm W: 0.254mm D: 0.26035mm
    • Cube: 0.02335276
    • Weight: 12757.28540625gr Weight: 12.75728540625Kg

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