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General Tools 803 Stair Guage Set Solid Brass

General Tools 803 Stair Guage Set Solid Brass
Price: $4.49
Product ID : 257803
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Manufacturer: General Tools



General Tools 803 Stair Guage Set Solid Brass

The Stair Gage Set adds an extra dimension to a standard rafter square, allowing you to make uniform layouts for angle cuts. This tool is a must have for laying out rafter and stair stringers, and cuts down on time wasted making repetitive measurements.


  • Brass plated steel stair gage assures fast anduniform layout in repetitive work including anglecuts on rafters and stair stringers.
  • Attaches easily to all metal rafter squares.
  • Set of 2 pieces.


  • Package
    • Dimensions: H: 5.62" W: 1.75" D: 0.75"
    • Cube: 0.0042
    • Weight: 1oz Weight: 0.06lbs
  • Shelf Pack
    • Dimensions: H: 5.75" W: 2.87" D: 2.12"
    • Cube: 0.0203
    • Weight: 6.3oz Weight: 0.39lbs
  • Master Pack
    • Dimensions: H: 13" W: 10.25" D: 13.5"
    • Cube: 1.041
    • Weight: Weight: 350oz Weight: 21.87lbs
  • Metric Package
    • Dimensions: H: 0.142748mm W: 0.04445mm D: 0.01905mm
    • Cube: 0.00010668
    • Weight: 28.349523125gr Weight: 0.45359237Kg
  • Shelf Pack
    • H: 0.14605mm W: 0.072898mm D: 0.053848mm
    • Cube: 0.00051562
    • Weight: 178.6019956875gr Weight: 0.1786019956875Kg
  • Master Pack
    • Dimensions: H: 0.3302mm W: 0.26035mm D: 0.3429mm
    • Cube: 0.0264414
    • Weight: 9922.33309375gr Weight: 9.92233309375Kg

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