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General Tools 520 Precision Trammel

General Tools 520 Precision Trammel
Price: $31.07
Product ID : 257520
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Manufacturer: General Tools



General Tools 520 Precision Trammel

The Precision Adjustable Trammel set is our finest, most robust trammel package. The set includes a fixed and an adjustable trammel, allowing you to dial in on your measurement with pinpoint accuracy. Also provided is a pencil holder which can be used in place of a scriber. Trammels are great for drawing large circles or for making marks over sizable distances.


  • Draw large circles and measure sizabledistances with the accuracy of a divider.
  • Fine adjusting screw sets points accurately.
  • Points are removable and may be replaced withthe pencil holder.
  • Die-cast bodies with hardened and ground3" (76mm) needlepoint legs.
  • Clamp opening for beam is 3/8" x 3/4"(10 x 19mm).
  • Conform to government specificationsGGG-T-661b.


  • Package
    • Dimensions: H: 6" W: 1.87" D: 1.62"
    • Cube: 0.0105
    • Weight: 4oz Weight: 0.25lbs
  • Shelf Pack
    • Dimensions: H: 0" W: 0" D: 0"
    • Cube: 0
    • Weight: 0oz Weight: 0lbs
  • Master Pack
    • Dimensions: H: 10.5" W: 9.37" D: 6.37"
    • Cube: 0.3631
    • Weight: 195oz Weight: 12.18lbs
  • Metric Package
    • Dimensions: H: 0.1524mm W: 0.047498mm D: 0.041148mm
    • Cube: 0.0002667
    • Weight: 113.3980925gr Weight: 1.81436948Kg
  • Shelf Pack
    • Dimensions: H: 0mm W: 0mm D: 0mm
    • Cube: 0
    • Weight: 0gr Weight: 0Kg
  • Master Pack
    • Dimensions: H: 0.2667mm W: 0.237998mm D: 0.161798mm
    • Cube: 0.00922274
    • Weight: 5528.157009375gr Weight: 5.528157009375Kg

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