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Cordless Drills

Cordless Drills

Cordless drills today are more powerful and lightweight than ever before. Lithium-ion batteries have done a lot to make drills, drivers and grinders more portable and useable than just a few years ago. 

More than once we’ve had dedicated amateurs and pros alike tell us that their cordless drill  driver is by far the most useful portable power tool in their tool box. That’s no surprise since it is such a versatile tool. With the increase in battery power and run time, coupled with a brushless motor, cordless tools can produce the same power as electric. It drills holes and drives screws. And, you can use lots of different drill bits including the quick change hex-shank bit tips and drill bits. 

What else could you possibly need? Well, you might just need an impact driver. If you’ve got a big job that includes driving lots of screws an impact driver should be first on your list. It’s more powerful (typically impact drivers deliver two to three times the torque) than most drill drivers. Bottom line is when the job uses lots of screws then an impact driver will result in a job done faster with less stress on your wrist, forearm and shoulder. 

Sure your cordless drill is a favorite but it isn’t the only cordless power tool that you need… or want. There are a lot of projects that just can’t be done right without an angle grinder, or even a cordless air-free finish nailer. Really, how can you finish without a finish nailer?

We’ve got all the cordless power tools you need and we even have some great kits. Need both a drill driver and an impact driver? No problem. We’ve got a kit for that. We even have a cordless palm nailer. Or maybe you don’t need a kit but simply need a bare tool. Circle Saw has the tools you need, and the brands you want.

Bosch? We’ve got it. DeWalt? We’ve got that, too. Festool, Makita and Milwaukee? You’ll find them all right here. 

Not exactly sure which tool or kit is best for your project? Just ask our tool expert, Bill. Simply use the link in the questions box on the right and Bill will get back to you to help you make an informed choice. Or, you can just give us a call toll-free at 866-439-8054.



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