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Posted by on May 1, 2014 in New Tool Info | 0 comments

What Is the Best Cordless Tool

Ok so I know you thought I was going to talk about what brand is better. That would be like the Ford vs Chevy debate.

Instead, I am going to talk about  battery technologies and motor types, and why one is better than the other.


Porter Cable 390 Sander

Brushless History

THE Porter Cable 390 Series of Sanders  is one of the first 120 volt electric tools to use a brushless motor which means there are no brushes to wear out. Since we brought this sander in in August 2008 we have sold only 1 switch and no motors. Why you may ask? Well, since there are no brushes to create heat, friction and wear, the parts last a long time. Take this technology and apply it to cordless.

With the latest improvement to cordless tool motors all of the major manufacturers have embraced the brushless motors.

With an increase of 30-60% more work done, faster speed and longer life take a look at brushless before you buy a new cordless anything.

In a brushless motor the brushes  the windings and magnets are reversed and the brushes are replaced with a special circuit board. The elimination of the brushes allows the motor to run cooler which in turn generates less heat, resulting in motors that last longer, a lot longer.

Since  brushless motors use an intelligent circuit board they can sense when there is load on the motor and deliver only the power needed based on load. Battery life just increased. This is opposite of the way a brushed motor works. A brushed motor develops full power all the time.

Brushless motors create more power but with less battery drain; plus, they are simply more powerful. Since the commutator does not have the drag on the brushes there is less drag on the motor which results in more power.

While the cost to build a brushless motor is more, as these tools gain popularity we expect the cost to come down. Given the power increase,  the increased battery life due to a lower battery consumption of the motor coupled with the advances in battery technology, the price is well worth it, especially on the jobsite where you might not always have a way to charge your batteries.

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