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Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in Show off your latest project | 0 comments

Festool Domino Mortise Cutter

festool domino 574432

Festool Domino

FAIR WARNING – Don’t Buy Festool!


I would be remiss if I did not warn you that there are numerous problems with buying Festool:

1. You might have too much fun; 2.  You might get finished too fast and have time to make more money; 3.  Even worse you might enjoy woodworking again.

Whether it is a track saw that cuts cabinet grade plywood without chipping, a dual mode gear drive/finishing sander, a domino mortise cutter or any number of their other fine German manufactured tools, Festool products have a quality that will amaze you

The problem is, you can’t stop with just one tool.

OK, you are still reading so you must not believe me; just remember you’ve been warned!

Just like a biscuit cutter the domino is great for leveling and aligning two or more pieces, but that is where the likeness to a biscuit joinery ends.

#1) Total Precision

Unlike most biscuit cutters that have slack between the slide mechanism and the cutter head, the domino has no slack at all. None. Zero. Nada. Total precision.

2) Zero Height or Length Limits

Unlike a tenoning  jig that can be hard to use on longer pieces, the domino does not have length restrictions. Say you want to create a table 3 Ft by 8Ft with mortise and tenor joinery, no problem at all.

3) Speed and Ease of Use With preset depth stops for the thickness of material you are working on, set up time is quick and easy. No more layout gauges or jigs. Simple, quick and easy height set up as well. Simply, mark the center line of your mortise and your layout is complete. 4) Cutting the Mortise

Now that you know where the mortise needs to be, start your cutting with simple reference marking on the domino for centering of cuts; this puts your mortise exactly where it needs to be. Imagine, only 5 seconds on average per mortise – even on the hardest materials. See, I told you you were going to enjoy woodworking again and you won’t be pulling your hair out.

5) Glueup

Since the domino cuts using an oscillating motion you can, if you choose to, have it cut a mortise slightly wider than the pre made tenon you are using; this will make alignment of multiple mortises more forgiving during alignment and glueup.

6) Strength

Choose from the standard beech hardwood tenon which is an incredibly hard wood or the mahogany tenon and you have a super strong mortise and tenon joint.

So, now you know the risks of buying Festool – ok, they’re really rewards and not risks. Don’t you think it’s time you invested in yourself?



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