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Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in New Tool Info | 0 comments

Dust Collection and Your Health

With more and more attention being given to the cancer causing effects of many of the tropical hardwoods as well as some domestic woods proper dust collection is getting more important as we learn more about wood dust and their effect on us.

With a canister style dust collector that can filter the airborne dust that many are breathing can help reduce you change of the many health problems associated with breathing excessive amounts of dust.
Problems can range from asthma and allergies from breathing Westen Red Cedar to pulmonary (breathing and lung problems) to cancer from some woods.
Problems can also arise from something as simple as a splinter from woods such as wenge. Splinters can become septic which is a severe infection require medical attention.
While not everyone can afford the best dust collectors around at the very least invest in a good dust mask to protect your lungs and sinuses and use them on a regular basis.
Stay safe and have fun in the shop.
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