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Posted by on Dec 18, 2013 in New Tool Info | 0 comments

The Easiest Way to Remove a Ceramic Soap Dish

A few weeks ago one of my sons called and said hey Dad can you help me remove a ceramic soap dish in the shower that broke itself.

While there are many ways to remove a ceramic soap dish the easiest by far is a oscillating tool if you have one. Any of the Fein or Bosch perform great and who doesn’t need an excuse to buy a new tool that you have been wanting for a long time now.
Not knowing if this was a flush mount or recessed soap dish I took my trusty oscillating tool, the longest bi metal blade I had and headed out.

After putting a few towels on the shower floor to catch the pieces when it decided to turn loose and come bounding my way, donned the safety glasses just in case and grabbed the shop vac and got down to business.

Not knowing if it was a flush mount or recessed and never having tackled the task, I started at a slower speed and went all the way around the dish and removed the grout about 1/2″ from the edge. Next we turned the speed all the way up and started cutting is a back and forth motion along the top, next moving to the sides and then to the bottom. Didn’t make it very far on the bottom before the entire dish jumped off the wall. Good thing for the towels.

Thats when we discovered is was infact a recessed mount but that was easy enough to deal with. We just cut thru the grout inside the adjoining tiles, removing the recessed portion and then remove the grout from the tiles that surround the recessed portion.

A side note if you have a blade that is straight on the edge you can use the edge of the blade to chip off the last bit of grout, just start at a slow speed, until you get a feel for this operation.

Start to finish   45 minutes.

When we were done my son said he thought we were going to have to use chisels and a hammer, while you could do it that way you would also magnify the chances of damaging the surrounding tiles. I hate making extra work for myself….


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