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Posted by on Nov 27, 2013 in New Tool Info | 0 comments

New Cordless Tools and Brushless Motors

Everyone loves cordless tools but if you have not really looked at the new cordless everyone is coming out with, the rage in cordless are the brushless motors pushing cordless to a new level.  A motor that does not have brushes make for a motor that runs cooler, last longer and develops much more power. Most everyone is using a brushless 4 pole motor instead of a 2 pole brush type motor. Still not the power and run time of plug in tools but it sure is getting close.
Brushless means a lighter tool
Since there are no brushes the result is a lighter tool

Brushless means a smaller motor.
Since brushes have been eliminated the motors are about 1-1/2” shorter.

Brushless Means longer motor life.
With no brushes creating heat at the center of the tool everything is cooler resulting in longer life of everything in the tool. This results in longer motor life as a result of reduced friction, less heat buildup, and higher efficiency. Reduced heat results in longer life from switches, bearings and of course the transmission. Brushless technology and a  4 pole
motor gets you anywhere from twice to 4 times the power over conventional cordless.

Advanced Battery Technology
Add the new Lithium battery technology with extended run time with up to 4 amp hour batteries and beyond which in some cases are almost 3 times the run time of batteries  that some kits were coming with just a few years ago.

Brushless Motor Technology—less  weight, smaller tools for getting into tight spots and more power. Of course these new tools cost a little more but everything has a price. As these tools get more popular the cost is sure to come down.

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