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Posted by on Feb 13, 2014 in Tool Repair Problems | 0 comments

Spring Tune Up For Your Power Tools

One of the most annoying things is to the in the middle of a project and have a tool break down. Take a little time and tune up your tools before you get started this spring. Below are a few hints to keep everything humming along with a little TLC.

1) On your handheld tools– sanders, routers and the like unplug your tool, remove the brushes and check the brush length and make sure you have good spring tension,  and using a dry air source, blow out any sawdust in your tool. Really important in a table mounted router.  Shine a light  in the brush holder while turning the motor shaft to inspect the armature.  You are looking for excessive scaring or missing segments on the armature to warn of a problem soon to rear it’s ugly head. Check your bearings and see if there is any play or noise in the bearing that should not be there. A bearing that is beginning to lock up can kill a motor armature quicker than you would believe.

2) On your larger stationary machines, planer, joiner, drill press and of course the table saw-  check the drive belts and lubricate the moving parts. Tri-flow  is our favorite penetrating teflon lubricant which does not contain any oil product which attracts sawdust and dirt. Many owners of 15″ and 20″ planers are not aware but directly above the block that supports the infeed and outfeed roller there is a bolt that is hollow and this is how you lubricate the roller support for the infeed and outfeed roller.

15" planer infeed roller lubrication

15″ planer infeed roller lubrication points

A good way to check your tablesaw blade arbor bearings, remove the belts and spin the blade arbor and listen for any bearing noise.

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