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Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Tool Repair Problems | 3 comments

Planer Repair and Feed Problems

The beauty of the suitcase planer is that it makes hand planning a thing of the past in most applications, and it makes the world of power planning affordable to most. A great addition to your woodworking  shops. A suitcase planer is great when it is working right but extremely aggravating when it doesn’t; so, here are a few tips to keep the chips flying.

When your planer does not feed:

  • First, sharpen and reset or reverse the knives;
  • Second, check the rollers and make sure they are clean;
  • Third, make sure the rollers don’t have any deep groves;
  • Clean the pitch & resin with mineral spirits and some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

If you are still having a feeding problem the last thing to check is the area where the feed roller mounts to the machine. It always helps to have a breakdown of your planer. You can view one here of a 13″ Delta planer when you start.

Working on one end of the infeed  roller:

  • Support the roller on the end with a block of wood,  a 2×6 works good;
  • Apply slight pressure by cranking down on the adjustment wheel;
  • Remove the 2 screws (#191 on the attached breakdown);
  • Remove the #190 cover plate;
  • Blow out the sawdust and crud that is preventing your feed roller from coming all the way down.

Repeat this step on both ends of the infeed and outfeed roller. As always you can use the famous Tri-Flow, a superior penetrating teflon lubricate for the rollers. Tri-Flow will clean and lubricate all at one time and the teflon, just like the non stick skillet probably found in your kitchen, will bond to the surfaces to provide a long lasting lubricant

If you follow these few simple steps  your suitcase planer will serve you safely and effectively for many years. 


Delta Planer Breakdown


  1. I have a steelex ST1007 planer
    Iwas planing a piece of wood and stick causing the planer to cut off

    And it not coming back on

    • Randy
      is there a circuit breaker on the motor?

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