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Posted by on May 23, 2014 in New Tool Info, Tool Repair Problems | 0 comments

Oneida Dust Deputy and Festool Vacs

This is a notice we received from Festool concerning the use of the Dust Deputy on their vacuums and how it affects your Festool Warranty

Use of Non-Festool Accessories or Consumables – Dust Deputy

Over the past year, we have received numerous complaints resulting from the use of non-Festool accessories with Festool tools. Of greatest consequence, “The Ultimate Dust Deputy” by Oneida Air Systems appears to have generated a significant number of CT Dust Extractor failures, breaking the anti-static loop and ultimately shorting out the circuit boards. Until now, we have repaired the units at no charge to the customer, in our continued effort to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction with our products.

Unfortunately, this course is not sustainable, especially since we can be fairly certain as to the origin of the issue. As is clearly stated in every one of our product warranties, the use of non-Festool accessories and consumables with Festool products has the potential to void said product’s warranty. Furthermore, Festool cannot be held responsible for any damage or claims related to the installation or usage of such an untested and unapproved device.

Excerpt from the owner’s manual regarding use of such devices:

Use only original Festool accessories and Festool consumable material intended for this machine because
these components are designed specifically for the machine. Using accessories and consumable material from other suppliers will most likely affect the quality of your working results and limit any warranty claims. Machine wear or your own personal workload may increase depending on the application. Protect yourself and your machine, and preserve your warranty claims by always using original Festool accessories and Festool consumable material!

Excerpt from the warranty policy regarding use of such devices:

Festool does not condone nor support the use of any non-Festool engineered, designed, and manufactured accessories or consumables with Festool products. Use of any non-Festool products may affect performance or void the warranty. Festool is not responsible for any damages or losses incurred and user assumes all risk and responsibility with non-Festool derived products.

We strongly discourage the use of the Oneida Dust Deputy, or any other non-Festool product (unless otherwise stated) in conjunction with any and all Festool products. As a result, we ask our dealers to seriously consider the entire customer experience when marketing or selling items that could be viewed as add-ons to the Festool System.


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