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Posted by on Oct 25, 2013 in Tool Repair Problems | 2 comments

Nail Gun Maintenance

Over 50% of the nail gun problems we see come in for repair are caused by improper lubrication.

Many guns made by Senco as well as some of the new Porter-Cable guns and some others have special orings and are designed not to be oiled. But if you do oil them it damages the o rings.
But not oiling a gun that takes oil is just as bad. Always use a name brand oil if your gun requires oil. We use the Senco PC0101 oil in all the guns we repair that take oil.

Never use WD-40 or motor oil in your guns. These will make the orings swell so that the gun does not work correctly.

For the track lubrication we use a pure silicone lubricant to keep the feed spring and safety working smoothly.
When you use WD-40 on the track the oil in the WD-40 just attracts dirt and sawdust. Not a good thing.


  1. I need the address plz i have 2 framing guns i need to fixed

  2. Sorry but we do no work on DuoFast guns. In Houston you can get them repaired at Southern Fastening Address: 7425 Pinemont Dr, Houston, TX 77040
    Phone:(713) 688-3781

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