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Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Woodworking Tips and Tricks | 0 comments

How to Prevent Tear-out in Your Next Project

Tear-out can definitely wreak havoc on your project and ruin a beautiful piece of wood. There are many ways to minimize tear-out, but knowing how to read the wood direction and knowing which direction to plane or joint your material is the first thing you should learn.

Regardless of whether you are using hand tools or power tools, one trick is to plane or joint your material at an angle to reduce tear-out.

Below is a link to a video lesson from our friends at Fine Woodworking.  Michael Pekovich from Fine Working takes you through the steps and methods you can use to figure out the direction of the grain and the best way to plane or joint your material. You can find the magazine @

By the way, there is an ad at the beginning of the video but you can skip it after just a minute or so. This is an excellent lesson on how to prevent tear-out; a big shout-out to our  friends at Fine Woodworking. Go here —


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