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Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Woodworking Tips and Tricks | 0 comments

How to make your sandpaper last longer

Here it is, for the first time on our blog, a little known secret on how to increase the use and lower your cost on sandpaper.

If you are gluing up flat stock, either for a cabinet door panel or a table top,  before you put your sandpaper on the job take a card scraper and run it along the glue line to scrape off the excess glue. The card scraper will go a long way to saving your sandpaper and keep the glue from burning into the paper.

Hold the card scraper at about a 75-80 degree angle and pull the scraper towards you. Flexing the scraper will make a more aggressive cut. Plus if you grind a slight radius in the outside corners it will insure you don’t leave lines in your work, just in case you accidentally take a deeper cut than necessary.

Ask 2 people how to do something and you will get 3 answers. I prefer to pull a card scraper, some would rather push away from them. Which ever works best for you is the proper way to do it. There is no wrong way. On one side you will feel a slight burr and this is how it cuts. If you prefer a more aggressive cut  it can be sharpened or burnished which is the proper term. You will find many opinions on the correct way to do this as well.

Another overlooked tool is Baxter Creek’s Sander Sitter.

I wish they could have come up with a better name because many think this is just a place to sit your sander down. In reality, it is to a random orbit sander, just what a belt cleaner is to a belt sander.

While placing a running disc sander into the Sander Sitter the cleaning pad inside cleans the resin and pitch from your paper. The sander sitter can extend the life of your paper 3-4 times, if you use it on a regular basis. In addition you don’t have to wait for the sander to wind down to a complete stop.  Per the instructions don’t forget to condition the Sander Sitter pad by placing a small amount of sawdust on the pad the first time you use it. sander sitter saves sandpaper


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