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Posted by on Oct 23, 2015 in Tool Repair Problems | 0 comments

Don’t you hate when a tool quit’s in the middle of a project

Don’t you hate when a tool quit’s in the middle of a project

table saw repair new bearings and belts installed in a jet cabinet tablesaw now

Bearing and belt replacement






Just when you were making some real progress on your project, you hit the switch on your router and–nothing happens.

A few tips to keep your tools running.

Keep the dust out, blow the dust out of your tools using your trusty compressor, just make sure you have drained the tank. You want to use dry air to blow the sawdust out not air mixed water. This might be the time to do a little pm on the compressor also. Check your air filter as well as the oil level, unless of course it is an oil less compressor. Might even change the oil if you can’t remember the last time you changed it. Make sure you are using a name brand compressor oil or a non detergent oil per the compressor manufacturers recommendations —not regular motor oil.

Handheld tools– check the brushes for wear, and the strength of the spring.

Inspect your cord.

If you hear bearing noise stop and replace them before you burn up the motor. As bearings start to fail they but unbelievable stress on the motor. Just a few tips.

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