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Posted by on Jun 6, 2014 in New Tool Info | 0 comments

NEW! Freud and Diablo Blade Does 75x the Cuts on Laminate Flooring

The great thing about Pergo and other brands of Laminate Flooring is the great look and the long lasting finish that you get with them; and, all without the hours of waxing floors like your mom used to do – bless her heart. But, with every great new invention there are always pro’s and con’s.

The aluminum oxide that is used in Laminate Flooring makes it last and last, that’s the good news. The bad news is that this same aluminum oxide is murder on carbide saw blades and other cutting tools. Yes, we’re talking about aluminum oxide, the same mineral used in sandpaper. No wonder saw blades don’t last cutting sandpaper.

The preferred way to cut this stuff is either on a table saw or with a slide miter. Still, most people are using a conventional miter or chop saw because this is a faster way to cut it. Unfortunately, carbide tipped blade life is typically only 20-50 cuts per blade, depending on the blade and, to some extent, the operator.

Good news! Freud and Diablo has a solution – a Diamond Tipped Blade designed just for cutting laminate flooring with 75 times the life over even their own carbide tipped blades.

The sound, speed and performance of this blade are light years apart from your typical flooring blade. One of the most impressive things to me in the videos is the speed and ease of cut with the new diamond blade as compared to the carbide tipped blade.

Here are just a few of the key points of this new blade:

  • Ultra long cutting life; saves the PRO installer time, money and increases productivity;
  • Only chop saw solution for laminate flooring, increases productivity for the PRO installer;
  • Superior quality of finish for a ready to install edge;
  • Test results for this blade have shown 1800 cuts per blade using a conventional miter saw.

This blade is available in 10″ D1012LF** and 12″ D1216LF** , with a 7-1/4″ D0708LF coming later this year. You’re going to want to add this new blade to your tool box today and you’ll be telling everyone..,

The Freud and Diablo blades** is the best blade available for cutting laminate floors.”

the diablo Laminate Flooring Blade will out cut carbide blades by 75 times

Get the Pergo Diamond Blade


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Posted by on May 23, 2014 in New Tool Info, Tool Repair Problems | 0 comments

Oneida Dust Deputy and Festool Vacs

This is a notice we received from Festool concerning the use of the Dust Deputy on their vacuums and how it affects your Festool Warranty

Use of Non-Festool Accessories or Consumables – Dust Deputy

Over the past year, we have received numerous complaints resulting from the use of non-Festool accessories with Festool tools. Of greatest consequence, “The Ultimate Dust Deputy” by Oneida Air Systems appears to have generated a significant number of CT Dust Extractor failures, breaking the anti-static loop and ultimately shorting out the circuit boards. Until now, we have repaired the units at no charge to the customer, in our continued effort to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction with our products.

Unfortunately, this course is not sustainable, especially since we can be fairly certain as to the origin of the issue. As is clearly stated in every one of our product warranties, the use of non-Festool accessories and consumables with Festool products has the potential to void said product’s warranty. Furthermore, Festool cannot be held responsible for any damage or claims related to the installation or usage of such an untested and unapproved device.

Excerpt from the owner’s manual regarding use of such devices:

Use only original Festool accessories and Festool consumable material intended for this machine because
these components are designed specifically for the machine. Using accessories and consumable material from other suppliers will most likely affect the quality of your working results and limit any warranty claims. Machine wear or your own personal workload may increase depending on the application. Protect yourself and your machine, and preserve your warranty claims by always using original Festool accessories and Festool consumable material!

Excerpt from the warranty policy regarding use of such devices:

Festool does not condone nor support the use of any non-Festool engineered, designed, and manufactured accessories or consumables with Festool products. Use of any non-Festool products may affect performance or void the warranty. Festool is not responsible for any damages or losses incurred and user assumes all risk and responsibility with non-Festool derived products.

We strongly discourage the use of the Oneida Dust Deputy, or any other non-Festool product (unless otherwise stated) in conjunction with any and all Festool products. As a result, we ask our dealers to seriously consider the entire customer experience when marketing or selling items that could be viewed as add-ons to the Festool System.


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What Is the Best Cordless Tool

Ok so I know you thought I was going to talk about what brand is better. That would be like the Ford vs Chevy debate.

Instead, I am going to talk about  battery technologies and motor types, and why one is better than the other.


Porter Cable 390 Sander

Brushless History

THE Porter Cable 390 Series of Sanders  is one of the first 120 volt electric tools to use a brushless motor which means there are no brushes to wear out. Since we brought this sander in in August 2008 we have sold only 1 switch and no motors. Why you may ask? Well, since there are no brushes to create heat, friction and wear, the parts last a long time. Take this technology and apply it to cordless.

With the latest improvement to cordless tool motors all of the major manufacturers have embraced the brushless motors.

With an increase of 30-60% more work done, faster speed and longer life take a look at brushless before you buy a new cordless anything.

In a brushless motor the brushes  the windings and magnets are reversed and the brushes are replaced with a special circuit board. The elimination of the brushes allows the motor to run cooler which in turn generates less heat, resulting in motors that last longer, a lot longer.

Since  brushless motors use an intelligent circuit board they can sense when there is load on the motor and deliver only the power needed based on load. Battery life just increased. This is opposite of the way a brushed motor works. A brushed motor develops full power all the time.

Brushless motors create more power but with less battery drain; plus, they are simply more powerful. Since the commutator does not have the drag on the brushes there is less drag on the motor which results in more power.

While the cost to build a brushless motor is more, as these tools gain popularity we expect the cost to come down. Given the power increase,  the increased battery life due to a lower battery consumption of the motor coupled with the advances in battery technology, the price is well worth it, especially on the jobsite where you might not always have a way to charge your batteries.

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This Is Not Your Dad’s Tape Measure

Every once in a while someone comes out with a tool that is truly

a work saver or a new idea. Here’s one.

bosch glm100c bluetooth

Bosch Laser Measure with Bluetooth

Bosch GLM 100 C Laser Measure

The new GLM100C Professional laser rangefinder transfers your measured values directly to a PC, Tablet or Smartphone
Easily, quickly and without transfer errors, via your Bluetooth Phone – iphone, ipad or Android.

#1 Take a photo

Simply take a photo of the jobsite using the Bosch GLM 100C Professional measurement camera app.

#2 Mark the measuring distance

Mark on your screen the area you are going to measure.

#3 Transfer the measurements into the photo

Perform the desired measurement and have it displayed directly in the picture. Take further measurements if necessary and, for example, send them by e-mail to coordinate them with other participants in the construction project. If you want you can also notes to the notepad via voice or text entry.

#4 Process measured values

Measures values  can be individually named in the measured value list and saved in special project folders – with date, time and type of measurement. Areas and volumes, for example, can be calculated by simply dragging the measured values on top of each other.

glm100csample project









  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology – Instantly transfer measurements, manage projects and make calculation using the free Bosch GLM Measure and Document App
  • Remote Control Functionality – Use your smart device as a remote control to take measurements from the laser measure in hard to reach spots in target-less conditions
  • Built In Tilt Sensor – Displays 360º angle measurement in 2 axis allowing for accurate measure
  • Backlit Display with Tilt Screen Technology – Offers easy viewing in all directions
  • Ten Measurement Modes – Length, area, volume, angle, min/max, continuous, single indirect height, single indirect length, combined indirect height, and multi-surface are measurements for maximum versatility
  • Rechargeable Integrated Li-Ion Battery – No longer need to purchase batteries


Model No. GLM 100 C
Battery 3.7 Li-Ion
Height 1.18″
Laser Diode Class II 630 – 670 nm
Length 4.375″
Leveling Accuracy (Vial) +/- 0.2º
Measuring Accuracy Typ. +/- 1/16″ (1.5 mm)
Range Up to 300′
Weight 0.3 lbs.
Width 2″


  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Charger
  • Belt Pouch
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Table Saw Safety

As someone who has come painfully close to losing a finger on a table saw, experience has taught me not to run the table saw when I am mad or very tired. I hope I am a little smarter today that I once was, life can be a very good teacher. While using my table saw my attention and focus is on the blade and where my hands are and nothing else.

With the popularity of the SawStop table saw a lot of people are paying more attention to table saw safety.

While not everyone is ready to embrace the new technology their research has taught us a lot, such as that kickback dangers can be just as bad as a finger getting cut. A kickback can result in internal injuries such as ruptured organs that left untreated can kill you. All new table saws are now required to have a riving knife which have been the standard for years in Europe. I know everyone just loves their blade guard, but a riving knife moves with the blade and with the kickback pawls, reduces the chance for a kickback and does not obstruct your cut or your view of the work.

Adding a push stick greatly reduces the chance of getting your hand or finger tangled up in a spinning saw blade. One of the best options  for a push stick  is the  Microjig Advanced GRR Ripper.


GRR Ripper

It serves as  a moving blade guard for your hands, virtually eliminates kickback and  replaces  conventional  push sticks and  feather boards. Use it when cutting small pieces down to 1/8″ thick. With the angled handle it naturally pushes your material toward the fence.

By totally covering the saw blade or dado the GRR Ripper reduces the potential for error when something you didn’t plan for happens. That’s why they are called accidents.

Above all else if you are hearing a little voice in the back of your head telling you this might not be a good idea…




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