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Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in Show off your latest project | 0 comments

Festool Domino Mortise Cutter

festool domino 574432

Festool Domino

FAIR WARNING – Don’t Buy Festool!


I would be remiss if I did not warn you that there are numerous problems with buying Festool:

1. You might have too much fun; 2.  You might get finished too fast and have time to make more money; 3.  Even worse you might enjoy woodworking again.

Whether it is a track saw that cuts cabinet grade plywood without chipping, a dual mode gear drive/finishing sander, a domino mortise cutter or any number of their other fine German manufactured tools, Festool products have a quality that will amaze you

The problem is, you can’t stop with just one tool.

OK, you are still reading so you must not believe me; just remember you’ve been warned!

Just like a biscuit cutter the domino is great for leveling and aligning two or more pieces, but that is where the likeness to a biscuit joinery ends.

#1) Total Precision

Unlike most biscuit cutters that have slack between the slide mechanism and the cutter head, the domino has no slack at all. None. Zero. Nada. Total precision.

2) Zero Height or Length Limits

Unlike a tenoning  jig that can be hard to use on longer pieces, the domino does not have length restrictions. Say you want to create a table 3 Ft by 8Ft with mortise and tenor joinery, no problem at all.

3) Speed and Ease of Use With preset depth stops for the thickness of material you are working on, set up time is quick and easy. No more layout gauges or jigs. Simple, quick and easy height set up as well. Simply, mark the center line of your mortise and your layout is complete. 4) Cutting the Mortise

Now that you know where the mortise needs to be, start your cutting with simple reference marking on the domino for centering of cuts; this puts your mortise exactly where it needs to be. Imagine, only 5 seconds on average per mortise – even on the hardest materials. See, I told you you were going to enjoy woodworking again and you won’t be pulling your hair out.

5) Glueup

Since the domino cuts using an oscillating motion you can, if you choose to, have it cut a mortise slightly wider than the pre made tenon you are using; this will make alignment of multiple mortises more forgiving during alignment and glueup.

6) Strength

Choose from the standard beech hardwood tenon which is an incredibly hard wood or the mahogany tenon and you have a super strong mortise and tenon joint.

So, now you know the risks of buying Festool – ok, they’re really rewards and not risks. Don’t you think it’s time you invested in yourself?



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Posted by on Apr 15, 2014 in New Tool Info | 0 comments

This Is Not Your Dad’s Tape Measure

Every once in a while someone comes out with a tool that is truly

a work saver or a new idea. Here’s one.

bosch glm100c bluetooth

Bosch Laser Measure with Bluetooth

Bosch GLM 100 C Laser Measure

The new GLM100C Professional laser rangefinder transfers your measured values directly to a PC, Tablet or Smartphone
Easily, quickly and without transfer errors, via your Bluetooth Phone – iphone, ipad or Android.

#1 Take a photo

Simply take a photo of the jobsite using the Bosch GLM 100C Professional measurement camera app.

#2 Mark the measuring distance

Mark on your screen the area you are going to measure.

#3 Transfer the measurements into the photo

Perform the desired measurement and have it displayed directly in the picture. Take further measurements if necessary and, for example, send them by e-mail to coordinate them with other participants in the construction project. If you want you can also notes to the notepad via voice or text entry.

#4 Process measured values

Measures values  can be individually named in the measured value list and saved in special project folders – with date, time and type of measurement. Areas and volumes, for example, can be calculated by simply dragging the measured values on top of each other.

glm100csample project









  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology – Instantly transfer measurements, manage projects and make calculation using the free Bosch GLM Measure and Document App
  • Remote Control Functionality – Use your smart device as a remote control to take measurements from the laser measure in hard to reach spots in target-less conditions
  • Built In Tilt Sensor – Displays 360º angle measurement in 2 axis allowing for accurate measure
  • Backlit Display with Tilt Screen Technology – Offers easy viewing in all directions
  • Ten Measurement Modes – Length, area, volume, angle, min/max, continuous, single indirect height, single indirect length, combined indirect height, and multi-surface are measurements for maximum versatility
  • Rechargeable Integrated Li-Ion Battery – No longer need to purchase batteries


Model No. GLM 100 C
Battery 3.7 Li-Ion
Height 1.18″
Laser Diode Class II 630 – 670 nm
Length 4.375″
Leveling Accuracy (Vial) +/- 0.2º
Measuring Accuracy Typ. +/- 1/16″ (1.5 mm)
Range Up to 300′
Weight 0.3 lbs.
Width 2″


  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Charger
  • Belt Pouch
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Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Tool Repair Problems | 3 comments

Planer Repair and Feed Problems

The beauty of the suitcase planer is that it makes hand planning a thing of the past in most applications, and it makes the world of power planning affordable to most. A great addition to your woodworking  shops. A suitcase planer is great when it is working right but extremely aggravating when it doesn’t; so, here are a few tips to keep the chips flying.

When your planer does not feed:

  • First, sharpen and reset or reverse the knives;
  • Second, check the rollers and make sure they are clean;
  • Third, make sure the rollers don’t have any deep groves;
  • Clean the pitch & resin with mineral spirits and some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

If you are still having a feeding problem the last thing to check is the area where the feed roller mounts to the machine. It always helps to have a breakdown of your planer. You can view one here of a 13″ Delta planer when you start.

Working on one end of the infeed  roller:

  • Support the roller on the end with a block of wood,  a 2×6 works good;
  • Apply slight pressure by cranking down on the adjustment wheel;
  • Remove the 2 screws (#191 on the attached breakdown);
  • Remove the #190 cover plate;
  • Blow out the sawdust and crud that is preventing your feed roller from coming all the way down.

Repeat this step on both ends of the infeed and outfeed roller. As always you can use the famous Tri-Flow, a superior penetrating teflon lubricate for the rollers. Tri-Flow will clean and lubricate all at one time and the teflon, just like the non stick skillet probably found in your kitchen, will bond to the surfaces to provide a long lasting lubricant

If you follow these few simple steps  your suitcase planer will serve you safely and effectively for many years. 


Delta Planer Breakdown

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Ethanol and Your Warranty

With spring coming or at least many hope it is after one of the worst winters in recent history, now would be a good time to start thinking of green grass and some beautiful roses in the flower bed.

Before you start those gardening projects, though, you need to ask one critical question: Is your equipment ready? Follow these tips that some forget until the mower won’t start and a few that many do not know about.

1) Sharpen your blade

2) Change the oil on 4 cycle tools

3) Replace the air and fuel filters and invest in a new spark plug

Follow these simple tips – you’ll be very glad you did.




All of the 2 cycle companies on the face of the earth are fighting warranty problems and many are refusing to cover what most believe are problems with their machines.  Let me Explain

Our beloved gas companies have convinced the government we need ethanol in our gasoline and I am not here to debate that issue. What is done is done.  And what is done is a gummed up fuel system.  In a single engine plane that could spell big trouble. Maybe that is why the FAA will not let them put ethanol or alcohol based fuel in aircraft. But putting ethanol fuel into the fuel for tools does not carry the same risk; it does, however, carry a potentially big cost.

The  effects that ethanol is having on all the rubber parts in your lawn equipment as well as any tool where you mix gas in the oil or that has a carburetor can be an expensive problem!!   BEWARE

Ethanol produces moisture, not a good thing to have in your gasoline. Plus, it has been shown to  cause many of the rubber parts to swell, deteriorate and decay, which ruptures carburetor diaphragms, splitting fuel lines and causing that cute little primer bulb you push to spew fuel in your face.

Here are a few tips from Echo Usa one of the premium Outdoor Power Companies and more can be found on their website.

image of straight line trimmer


Fuel stored improperly can result in your warranty claim being denied. Ethanol in it’s pure form is a great degreaser and works the same way in tools that you mix gas and oil in by preventing the oil from doing it’s job which is to lubricate the working parts of your 2 cycle equipment. All of the major companies have changed their oil and are offering a premium gas/oil mix such as the Echo Red Armor.  A semi synthetic mix that counters the effect of ethanol in 2 and 4 cycle units.

Use only recommended fuel, 89 octane or above, and never use e15 or gasoline with a 15% ethanol content. Otherwise, consider the premixed fuel in a can with no ethanol.

Only buy enough fuel for 30 days, and make sure it is a quality fuel from a high volume station to prevent getting stale fuel

Add a name brand fuel stabilizer and mix it at the pump. Note: fuel stabilizers are only effective when mixed with fresh fuel.

Use a self venting fuel container preferably with a no spill spout. High humidity adds to the moisture problem since blended fuel attracts moisture as soon as it’s exposed to air.

Of course Echo wants you to use their oil but at the very least use a name brand gas mix that has a fuel stabilizer similar to  the Echo mix.

Shake the can well before every use for at least 30 seconds and if there is fuel in a tool, shake it to mix the fuel and suspend any moisture in the fuel.

Store fuel in a cool dry place, That is a good one. How many have an air conditioned garage  or tool shed? Well maybe not a problem in Alaska, but then ……..

Above all, and most important if you are not going to use the tool in the next 14 days, drain the gas/oil mix back into your fuel container and start the tool and run it until it dies. This gets all the fuel out of the fuel lines and off the carburetor diaphragm.

If you’ve had experience with ethanol gumming up your fuel system and have found some good solutions, please share them below.

 Don’t forget to share with your friends


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Table Saw Safety

As someone who has come painfully close to losing a finger on a table saw, experience has taught me not to run the table saw when I am mad or very tired. I hope I am a little smarter today that I once was, life can be a very good teacher. While using my table saw my attention and focus is on the blade and where my hands are and nothing else.

With the popularity of the SawStop table saw a lot of people are paying more attention to table saw safety.

While not everyone is ready to embrace the new technology their research has taught us a lot, such as that kickback dangers can be just as bad as a finger getting cut. A kickback can result in internal injuries such as ruptured organs that left untreated can kill you. All new table saws are now required to have a riving knife which have been the standard for years in Europe. I know everyone just loves their blade guard, but a riving knife moves with the blade and with the kickback pawls, reduces the chance for a kickback and does not obstruct your cut or your view of the work.

Adding a push stick greatly reduces the chance of getting your hand or finger tangled up in a spinning saw blade. One of the best options  for a push stick  is the  Microjig Advanced GRR Ripper.


GRR Ripper

It serves as  a moving blade guard for your hands, virtually eliminates kickback and  replaces  conventional  push sticks and  feather boards. Use it when cutting small pieces down to 1/8″ thick. With the angled handle it naturally pushes your material toward the fence.

By totally covering the saw blade or dado the GRR Ripper reduces the potential for error when something you didn’t plan for happens. That’s why they are called accidents.

Above all else if you are hearing a little voice in the back of your head telling you this might not be a good idea…




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