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Posted by on Feb 5, 2015 in Woodworking Tips and Tricks | 0 comments

Advantages of Self Leveling Lasers

The title says it all.

gll2 laser makes your carpentry tasks simple


I know there are still people who do not believe a laser is as accurate as their trusted transit or plumb bob; but, I’d venture to guess that is because they have not tried one. The reality is these lasers do exactly what their name says – they are self leveling and, more importantly, they are accurate.

The next time you see a road crew or a surveying company in town, check out what they are using. Most of the professionals have switched to lasers and that is why transit companies are now making lasers. If the lasers didn’t work professionals wouldn’t use them and the market for them would not dictate that transit companies start producing them.

Any place or application where you would use a chalk line or a plumb bob there is a laser to do the job, faster, easier and just as accurately.

Need to lay floor tile ?

use the gtl3 for laying tile , gives 90 degree and 45 degree lines projected on the floor

Use the gtl3 for laying tile , gives you a 90 degree and 45 degree lines projected on the floor.

For example, here are a few applications you may not have considered:

  • hanging wallpaper –  or anywhere you need a true vertical line on a wall or in the middle of a room
  • drop ceiling applications – for getting that ceiling level
  • fencing – the easiest way to get your post all the same height i have ever used
  • setting upper cabinets for height do i need to explain this ?
  • running chair rail- what can i say  it produces a level line around a room or down a hallway
  • transferring stud locations for hanging cabinets – have you ever missed a stud when hanging cabinets, well no more
  • ceiling light fixture placement – lay out your new light fixtures on the floor and transfer the location to the ceiling. this is where a dot or point laser excels and works perfect for vaulted ceilings and great rooms

For even better accuracy and versatility add a tripod, instead of having to measure from a reference point you can put the line wherever you need it

gll3-50 includes some really neat feet and a wall bracket with a nagnet built in

gll3-50 includes some really neat feet and a wall bracket with a magnet built in

Convinced? You will find just the laser you need, many of them at special prices. Plus, for a limited time we include a free tripod. All you need to do is start shopping! 


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