Item:LU90M010, 10 X 100 X 5/8 TGG ALUMINUM

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Freud LU90M010 Thin Non-Ferrous Metal Blade

This blade produces a smooth, burr-free finish when cutting thin aluminum, braqss and other non-ferrous metal extrusions. A high tooth count with a 5º negative hook angle allows the teeth to slice efficiently through the material without binding. The requirements on the cutting edge greatly differ with non-ferrous metals than with cutting wood. With this in mind Freud formulated a special carbide with high impact strength for this blade. Freud recommends use of a liquid lubricant when cutting non-ferrous materials. This can be accomplished with a spray of WD-40 or other similar types of lubricants every 4 or 5 cuts. Wax sticks are not recommended.

  • Perma-SHIELD Item No.:LU90M010
  • Diameter:10"
  • Teeth:100 TCG
  • Arbor:5/8"
  • Kerf:.110"
  • Plate:.087"
  • Cutting Thin Aluminum And Other Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Positive Hook Angles -Produce a smoother cut with less material distortion and burr-free cuts
  • Freud-Made TiCo Carbide -Specifically designed to cut non-ferrous metals, extends tooth life and withstands impact
Recommended Use & Cut Quality (1/16" Max Wall Thickness)
  • Rips wood: Not Recommended
  • Crosscuts wood: Not Recommended
  • Chipboard: Not Recommended
  • Plywood: Not Recommended
  • Laminate: Not Recommended
  • Non-Ferrous: Excellent
(Not recommended for ferrous metals or masonry)
Freud LU90M010 10" 100T TCG Thin Non-Ferrous Metal Blade, 5/8" Bore Cutting Thin Aluminum And Ohter Non-Ferrous Metals

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